The Stormpaw Initiative

We are The Stormpaw Initiative, a heavy roleplay guild on the realm Moon Guard-US. Initially founded back in 2009 as The Stormpaw Tribe on Horde-side, we mainly began as a way for coworkers and personal friends to game and RP together. Since that time, we have shifted our focus as a smaller community, adapting to changing interests within the Warcraft universe. We pride ourselves on the bonds we forge in game and story, rather than the numbers we house beneath our banner.

Operational Status

Operational Rating
Asset Rating 0
Intelligence Rating 0
Manpower Rating 0
Supply Rating 0
Support Objectives
Staring into the Abyss

We need assistance with building our archives, as we finally have a room prepared for housing our books.

Utilizing the Stormpaw Lodge

As repairs and renovations continue to the Stormpaw Lodge, discussion is to be tabled regarding the current state of the grounds, and how best we can use its facilities. On the first floor, the rooms marked A6, A7, A8, A9, […]

Support Objectives
Treasure: In Search of Plunder

The remains of the Stormpaw Tribe’s Wind’s Fury may be worth investigation as part of a salvage operation

Campaign Dossiers
Return of the Platinum King

Buried in the sands of Uldum lies a section of an ancient catacomb network that has been titled the Tomb of the Platinum King. Initial reports have indicated that it is protected by an ancient guardian, and upon investigation, it […]


Mythics began February 5th